How to choose the right hairstyle for your Wedding Day…

How to choose the right hairstyle for your Wedding Day…..

Bridal Hair – how can I decide?
Making a decision about which look to go for on your Wedding Day is a challenge for any
Bride. Planning is essential, as you may need to grow your hair for your chosen style or
change colours to compliment your final look. Your stylist will be able to help you make
this choice and guide you in to the most flattering look for you. At VM Hairdressing I will
do my best so you can look your best.

Hair type
Firstly, you need to gauge your hair type, be realistic can your hair sustain the look for a
very long day?. For example if your hair is polka straight naturally maybe a curly look is
not going to last. You need to ensure your Bridal Hair will last right through to the end
of the reception and this should influence your decision. You should also consider what
hair “habits” you have. If you have a tendency to touch your hair a lot throughout the day
it would be advisable for you to have an up-do to ensure you don’t make your hair greasy
or drag the hair affecting the style.

Theme / accessories
Another consideration is your dress and theme of your wedding. These day’s anything
goes and it’s down to personal choice, however, there is often an expectation of formality
and of course we all want to be a princess for a day!

A strong look at the moment is a real nod to classic looks of the past, continuing the
vintage revival. Lots of celebrities including Diane Kruger are not only sporting classic
vintage updo’s but also wearing vintage accessories to complement the look. This look
works particularly well with a lace dress. Don’t forget though this will impact on your
decision of which Bridal Hair to go with. Hats are also a really strong look and can add
drama and help create a more individual style.

You should also decide whether you will be wearing a veil. If you are make sure you have
someone you can trust to remove it for you later in the day as it could easily pull your
Wedding Hair out if they have not been shown how to remove it by your Bridal Hair stylist.

Now what?

Phew! Now you have decided what accessories you are having and the style of dress you
should be closer to deciding on your final look. Other things to consider would be things
like ; -

• Neckline of the dress

• Back of the dress – for example if dress is low backed an up do would work brilliantly

• If there is anything you may not want to show e.g. neck, ears etc.

• Whether or not you need hair pieces to add length and volume

• How long curl lasts in your hair


Next steps…

Now it’s time to find a stylist! You need someone you can trust, and that you click with.
It is one of the most important days of your life and you want it to be special. You should
take the time to meet your stylist first to discuss ideas.

At VM Hairdressing I offer free consultations for brides at my Sandiacre Salon. Following
the consultation you have a trial in which it would be your chance to bring all of your
accessories, veils and any ideas you may have. Use the opportunity to try different ideas
as sometimes it can be an idea you had not previously thought of that could be the one.

For the big day I offer a professional, individual service at your venue of choice. I will
design a look for you that will compliment your wedding theme and suit you perfectly. I
will do my best so you can look your best on your special day.

I will travel to your wedding venue of choice and provide a timing plan which co-ordinates
with make-up and photography to relieve any stress on your big day.

Packages are tailored to suit individual needs. Please email enquiries to:

Your big day

The biggest thing is to enjoy your day, although you want to look your best you don’t
want to be worrying about your hair and having to re-do it throughout the day. Pick a
style that suits you and you feel comfortable with and most of all have fun!

For all enquiries and appointments please contact me through my website or email

Good luck and enjoy!


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